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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fashion in Utah

At first glance, you might conclude that the real fashion centers are Paris, Milan, New York, London, Tokyo, and LA. If you don't work in one of those cities, you're doomed to live on the periphery of the fashion world, where nothing exciting happens.

In my experience, though, there are some cool things happening in the periphery. I find that a lot of the fashion business going on outside these major fashion centers is more down to earth, grounded in the styles that people actually wear, and that is exciting to me, because I'm not simply photographing a designer's fashion art. I'm photographing practical fashions that are stylish and functional.

I get to see trends evolving on the streets, where it really counts... where the artistry of the fashion world is seen and admired during every day life, not just impressing people with a stunning example of beauty, but lifting up real people, helping them feel more confident in themselves, and helping them to express their personality: To convey a strong impression. Whether that message is all fun, or all business, fashion serves a real, practical purpose. Art meets real life on the borders of the fashion universe.


Another thing I get to see is the way that local brands take simple ideas and run with them, serving local needs, and niche communities. From the tongue-in-cheek "SL,UT" line that you can find at local boutiques and SLC Airport gift shops, to lines like Junglist Culture, serving Utah's underground electronic dance music community, the periphery is where fashion gets local, and connects communities.

In my experience, innovation can thrive in local communities. Take Utah's own Avidere, Inc., for instance. In addition to their very cool image styler cards (think Stacy and Clinton in a card form that fits in your purse), Avidere is teaming up with spas to provide styling education that spa customers can carry with them long after the spa glow has faded.

I'm hoping I can use this blog to uncover some of Utah's fashion treasures, and help the local industry professionals see what everybody else is doing. We can use it to network, collaborate, and thrive together. Who knows -- perhaps one day people will look to SLC for the latest fashion trends. Judging by some of the talents and innovations I've witnessed, I wouldn't discount the idea.


Avidere CEO, Roberta Hughes responded:

"I couldn’t agree with you more. Often times I am asked where I am from and people respond with surprise when they learn I live in Utah. Although I grew up in Oregon (childhood) and California (teens), I found my home in Utah. I have always had a passion for helping others express who they are through fashion.

"By the way, Avidere certifies professionals to enter the fashion / image consulting field and will soon launch an independent stylist program whereby individuals can call 1-866-4-Avidere to schedule an appointment with an Avidere stylist located in their city."

Avidere also provides local styling services in Utah. For more information, take a look at

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